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The OptimizeIT Suite of Frameworks (OSF)

Recognizing that business software often revolves around core concepts such as database interaction and dynamic web content, OptimizeIT constructed a set of modules and components to facilitate software development. The OptimizeIT Suite of Frameworks (OSF) provides a foundation for building custom solutions.

The OSF includes . . .


A low-level set of components that map business entities to database tables and automatically handles add, edit, and delete operations – all automatically generated based on the data model. It makes creating business object layers a snap. Written in C# with connectors for SQL Server and MySQL.


Provides a secure web portal for team collaboration, including authorization and customizable interfaces. Extension modules include Task and Time Management, Document Management, Client Tracking, and Messaging. Written in C# with SQL Server data repository.


An ecommerce platform that offers catalog and product management through an easy to use administrative interface. Includes searching, credit card processing, UPS shipping integration, product reviews, etc. TheGlobe allows us to set up ecommerce applications in hours and days instead of weeks or months! Written in ASP Classic and C# with backend data support for any ODBC compliant database.


A User Interface library for quickly deploying web applications with dynamic content, including an administrative component. Used extensively in BigBen. Written in C#.

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